Delivery Ticket Details

You can view the most information about a delivery ticket by navigating to the delivery ticket history page and clicking on the blue ‘Details’ button next to any of the delivery tickets and a popup information box will appear. Below you will see an example of what a delivery ticket […]

Order Details

From the ‘Order History’ page, you can click on the blue ‘Details’ button on any order ticket to see a list of the order items that are part of the order ticket and the rewards level, customer spending, total tax, customer information and the total amount of the order. One […]

Create a New Delivery Ticket

You can easily create a delivery ticket that you can email, text or push to your fleet of drivers or individual driver.  You can create a delivery ticket from any page in the backend dispatch.  First log into your Zippykind account and then follow these instructions. Click the ‘Add New […]

Shopify API Integration With Zippykind

You can integrate your Shopify account with Zippykind’s API by using Zapier.  Zapier is an API platform that allows platforms to connect through each others API.  To integrate your Shopify store with Zippykind, you will first need to create an account at Zapier.  You can then create your first Zap […]