Zippykind Support Documentation

We offer video tutorials which will help you better understand all the Zippykind features.  We also offer simpler tutorials that answer some of the most common questions.

If you are interested in integrating with Zippykind, we offer two ways to integrate.  You can integrate using Zapier or you can integrate through our API.  Please refer to our API Documentation for those of you who are interested integrating without the help of Zapier.  Zapier offers an API platform that brings together many popular platforms like Shopify, Quickbooks, Google Excel sheets and 750 more platforms; however, if you need a more custom solution, please refer to our API documentation.

Browse through our quick help topics from the menu on the left to get help with common scenarios like setting up your Zippykind account, connecting your account to our drivers app, etc.

Zippykind dashboard on macbook