Schedule Deliveries and Pickups Using the Zippykind Schedule Manager

Completely oversee your deliveries and pickups throughout the day, week and month with Zippykind’s new schedule feature.  Keep your deliveries organized using our easy to use drag and drop schedule manager.  Navigating through the various views offers a “Google like” experience.  Some of the many features included in the Schedule Manager is:

  • You can drag and drop deliveries to re-schedule.
  • You can add a delivery or pickup to the schedule by simply clicking on a time slot or dragging a driver onto the schedule.
  • You can see each drivers’ individual schedule by toggling the View Schedule drop down box.
  • You can easily view and address deliveries that have failed or been cancelled.
  • Using the “week view”, you can see when each driver started and ended their shift by seeing the first delivery ticket accepted to the last delivery ticket accepted and the total amount of tickets the driver worked on.

Customize Your Schedule:

Through the settings page, you can add your hours of operation which will help reduce the space on the scheduler that you aren’t using and will make it easier for your operators to use.  Below you can see a screenshot of the month view.  You can toggle between drivers to see individual schedules for each of your drivers.

Multi-View Delivery Software Schedule Manager

  • Day View:  The day view will show you every delivery or pickup throughout the day.  You can click on the slot on the schedule and the details of the delivery ticket will pop up.  You can also drag a drop a driver from the left column onto the schedule to quickly create a new delivery ticket.
  • 2 Day View: See two days side by side which makes comparing multiple day view schedules easy.
  • List View:  See an itemized list of all the deliveries day by day.
  • Week View: The week view will show you each driver and the time of their first and last delivery along with the total number of tickets completed.
  • Month View: See all the delivery and pickup tickets grouped together by their statuses which include: cancelled, failed, unassigned, accepted, started, arrived and successful tickets.

Schedule Delivery and Pickups with Zippykind Delivery Software