Create Routes for Your Delivery Drivers using our Route Planner

Sometimes a delivery company plans their routes in advance and sometimes deliveries are not planned at all and are dispatched at the last minute.  The latter is referred to as on-demand delivery. The two most common ways delivery companies dispatch their delivery drivers is:

  • On-Demand Delivery
  • Route Delivery

On-Demand Delivery

On-demand delivery softwareLet’s say your delivery company deliveries ice cream and you have 4 delivery trucks driving around in the field waiting for their next delivery destination from dispatch.  Additionally, let’s say your dispatch operator just received a phone call and an order was placed so your dispatch operator sends the delivery details to the delivery driver through Zippykind’s Manual Dispatch form.  This is an example of an on-demand delivery scenario and is very common for on-hand products that don’t need to be tailored toward the end consumer.

Route Delivery

Route planning delivery software

Alternatively, let’s say your company receives 20 orders and each order has an assortment of products that need to be delivered to the end consumer.  Or let’s say, you own a water delivery company and your customers are setup on recurring delivery, these are common scenarios of a route delivery business modal.  If your company has customers who need items/products delivered on a recurring basis, you should really check out our Recurring Subscriptions feature which lets you easily setup recurring deliveries very easily.  If your company needs route planning tools to help your dispatch operators find the shortest route for your delivery drivers, please watch the video below.  You will see how easy it is to create new routes by simply clicking on the markers on the map.  Your delivery drivers can also find the best route by using our route optimization feature within the drivers application.

Zippykind’s Delivery Software Route Planner