Create API Key

You can easily create a unique API key that will be safely stored.  You will be asked to log in again before you can generate a new API key.  Your account can only have 1 API key at a time.  For security reasons, we will not show you your API key more than once.  We will show you your API key immediately after you create it and we wont be able to show it to you again, so we encourage you to store it in a safe place.  You can use your API  key to connect to our API Connect and to connect your Zippykind account to popular platforms like: Shopify, Bigcommerce, Quickbooks, Salesforce and Zapier.

Instructions for setting up an API Key:

Step 1)  Log into your Zippykind account at
Step 2) Click on API Connect from the main menu.
Step 3) Using your admin login credentials, enter your email and password to generate a new API key.  Warning, if you have an API key on file, it will be replaced with the new API key!
Step 4) Copy the API key and add it to your Zapier account or in your development files to directly connect to Zippykind’s API.

Click here to integrate using Zapier.

Click here to integrate using Zippykind’s API Connect.