Boeing Builds Delivery Drone Capable of Carrying 500 pounds of Cargo

Boeing has held a long time position in the manufacturing of commercial airplanes and now has created a drone capable of delivering large payloads.  The unmanned electric air vehicle as some have described it, is capable of carrying up to 500 pounds of cargo.  The Boeing drone is in the prototype phase and there is no mention as to the software that will be used to pilot the drone.  The electric propulsion system will make the drone environmentally friendly and could be used to deliver a plethora of goods.

History of Boeing’s eVTOL (electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing)

The drone was developed in only three short months through the Boeing Research and Technology program.  This step toward unmanned drones by Boeing has tremendous application potential in commercial markets.

Amazon, UPS and Google also have all been working on drones capable of carrying large payloads.  These companies seem to have a huge interest in improving logistics for delivery and their race toward solving these issues through drones seem to be growing.  Looking forward, you may look up in the clouds one day and see a large fleet of Boeing drones flying around carrying payloads containing appliances, food, water and other retail goods.