Drivers App Changelog Version 1.3.9

Clickable items in notifications list will have an arrow toward the bottom right.

Drivers app SMS chat messages


SMS messages have been separated from the notes screen and are now accessible by clicking on the chat icon toward the top right of the ticket details screen.

SMS chat notification

Geofence tracking added to prolong battery life. The two options of geolocation tracking are: interval tracking and geofence tracking. Geofence tracking will suspend tracking when the driver is in stationary mode (driver doesn’t move for more than 5 minutes) and will re-activate tracking once the driver has left the geofence created around the drivers location. This method of geofence tracking is the default and is designed to extend the battery life of the drivers phone and is the suggested mode of tracking.  Interval tracking will fetch the drivers location every 30 seconds regardless of whether the driver is in stationary mode or travel mode.