Delivery Tickets Now Showing Up in Drivers App Troubleshooting

The two most common reasons why a delivery ticket assigned to a delivery driver will not show up in the drivers app for the delivery driver are due to: the coordinates not properly being fetched when the delivery ticket is created or the transaction type (trans_type) property not following the Zippykind value guideline of: pickup or delivery. These issues will only occur for users using the API or the Zippykind uploader.

When a Zippykind account uses the API or the Zippykind uploader to create delivery tickets, they have a certain amount of control over the values they add to a property. For example, the Transaction Type which in the API is labeled as trans_type and in the Zippykind uploader is labeled Transaction Type needs to either be “delivery” or “pickup”, without the quotes. Not following this format will result in your delivery ticket not populating correctly in the drivers app. Additionally, if coordinates are provided for a delivery ticket that are not numeric but let’s say are alphabetic, the delivery ticket will not populate correctly in the drivers app.

The easiest way to tell if there was an issue with the transaction type is to look at the delivery tickets in the Tickets Manager of the dispatch software for the day in question and make sure the Transaction Type column for each ticket has a value of delivery or pickup and nothing more.