Click Event Is Not Working For Navigation and Map Routing in Drivers App

Is the click event not working for a pickup address, destination address, map routing, or navigation button in the drivers app?  Then you probably have an issue with how you are formatting the address which would only be the case if you are using Zapier or the API.

An example of an improperly formatted address is:

1200 E. Broadway st
Tempe AZ
United States

An example of a properly formatted address is:

1200 E. Broadway st, Tempe AZ, 85251, United States

You will notice that the properly formatted address doesn’t have any line breaks and you will also notice that the street address, city, state/province and postal code have a comma followed by a space.  The properly formatted address should follow the following format.

Street Address 1 Street Address 2, City, State or Province, Postal Code, Country