Setup Your Zippykind Delivery Software Account In Minutes

Do you need help setting up your Zippykind account?  The video below will is a crash course on Zippykind and will walk your through most of the basic setup steps you will want to complete.  Some of the setup steps includes:

  • Create team account.
  • Create driver account.
  • Add products through the CSV Uploader.
  • Add products manually.
  • Create delivery ticket.
  • Track delivery driver.
  • Driver delivery load.
  • Change dashboard map calendar day.
  • Login to driver’s app.
  • Update dispatch operator and customer with delivery progress.
  • Find driver’s GPS positing during status update of delivery ticket.
  • Export delivery ticket and order information as a PDF.

You will be taken through the Setup Account module at the beginning of the video.  When you log into your Zippykind account for the first time, you will see the Setup Account module.  If you close the Setup Account module, you can re-open it by going to the settings page.