Zapier Invitation

Zippykind has an integration with Zapier as a private app.  Click here to accept our invitation and start connecting other apps on the Zapier platform to your Zippykind account.

WooCommerce API Integration with Zippykind

Below are the steps you should follow to connect your Woocommerce store to your Zippykind account. Step 1) Purchase a Woocommerce Zapier plugin.  Some users use this Woocommerce/Zapier plugin which is the most affordable option, but we recommend contacting the plugin developer of whichever plugin you choose to make sure the […]

Drivers Not Getting Push Notifications?

If your delivery driver is not receiving push notifications, there are a couple of things that you can do.  First, check your push logs in the dispatch software to see if the Zippykind system attempted to send the push notification.  To view your push logs, click on Logs from the […]