Easily Import your Data into Zippykind using Zippykind’s Uploader

Upload Deliveries, Customers and Products into Zippykind’s Delivery Software Using Uploader Templates

We have now made it easier than ever to import your data into your Zippykind account.  Introducing Uploader Templates, an easy to use drag and drop data field mapping feature.  Easily import your data into your Zippykind account without changing the CSV/Excel column structure using our new Uploader Templates feature. Drag and drop the data fields that you want to import and your done, it’s that easy!

Let’s say you process your orders through your POS (Point of Sale) software program or you use an ecommerce store that isn’t able to connect to our API, using our Uploader feature makes it really easy to import your daily, weekly and monthly deliveries.  Just pick which data fields you want to import and save the template, now you are set and wont need to change anything about your CSV/Excel file.

How Compatible is the Uploader with other Zippykind Features?

If you are wondering whether you will still be able to use the Map Zones feature with the new Uploader, the answer is Yes.  As you will see in the demonstration video below, all deliveries that are imported into Zippykind are run through our Map Zones feature.  So whether you want to automatically assign your delivery drivers based on their respective zone, proximity to the delivery destination or availability, all is possible with our new uploader feature.

Zippykind’s Delivery Software Uploader Video Demonstration