Create Custom Notification Templates

Using notification templates is a great way to streamline the communication process for your customers, drivers and back office staff.  You can create custom templates with tags that will be triggered when certain events happen.  Some of the events include a new ticket being created or an existing ticket being cancelled.  The templates you create will be sent out using the communication channels that you choose when an action takes place.

The available delivery actions are:

  • Ticket Created
  • Delivery Ticket Received
  • Driver Started Delivery
  • Driver Arrived To Destination
  • Delivery Ticket Successfully Completed
  • Delivery Ticket Failed Due To Cancellation
  • Delivery Ticket Has Been Assigned
  • Delivery Ticket Has Been Updated
  • Delivery Ticket Has Been Deleted
  • Ticket Failed to Auto-Assign

The available channels of communication are:

  • SMS Text Messages
  • Mobile Push Notification
  • Email

Below is a screenshot of one template that has been assigned to the delivery ticket assigned action.
Delivery Notification Template