Shopify Local Delivery Stores Easily Connect to Zippykind’s Delivery Software to Instantly Dispatch New Delivery Orders Totally Hands-Free

Shopify operates one of the largest ecommerce platforms on the internet.  They make setting up your inventory of products to providing checkout payment solutions a breeze.  If you currently own a Shopify store and your store deliveries products and or services to your end consumers, then you should read on. […]

Autonomous SMS Texting

Automation is so important to running a successful delivery business and is an important part of the delivery process which should dramatically improve customer communication.  Using Zippykind notifications, you can setup notification templates that will use customer specific information such as: name, delivery address, email, and phone number included with […]

Delivery Ticket Status Explained

When you create a delivery or pickup ticket through Zippykind, a status will be assigned to the ticket based on whether you have assigned a driver to the respective ticket.  If a driver is not assigned to a ticket, the status of the ticket will default to unassigned.  If you […]

Delivery Management Software Making Splashes

The home delivery market is growing fast.  Everyday I hear of a new company offering home delivery for their product line.  Everyone has heard of the race between Walmart and Amazon home delivery service, but other smaller companies like Baskin Robbins is jumping in as well to accommodate the growing […]

Create Recurring Subscriptions for Your Delivery Business

Do you deliver products to your customers on a recurring basis? If the answer is yes, then you should  watch the video below.  Zippykind’s subscription feature lets you setup subscriptions for each of your customers that you deliver products to.  Most subscription based systems make you setup a “batch” of […]

Manage the Products for your Delivery Business

Using Zippykind’s product manager, you can easily send product information to your driver’s, so they know what to delivery.  Adding products is easy and adding them to new delivery tickets is even easier.  Simply add a new product through the Zippykind product manager and when you go to create a […]

Manage Your Delivery Orders

Orders that appear in the orders manager of your Zippykind account should not be confused with delivery tickets and are not required.  You can send a delivery ticket with delivery information such as delivery address, customer’s name, customer’s email address and customer’s phone number without sending order information. When you […]