Send Your Delivery Drivers Instant Messages

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Send an Instant Message to a Delivery Driver

Every delivery business needs a delivery software that caters to the needs of the delivery business.  With that, requires tools that allows seamless communication between dispatch operators, drivers and customers.   Using our notifications manager, you can autonomously send your customers notifications with status updates on their delivery.  Now we offer direct messaging to your drivers through our interactive dashboard which makes it easier than ever for your dispatch operators to get a quick note out to your delivery drivers.

Send an Instant Message to an Entire Delivery Team

We make it easy to send your delivery drivers or an entire team of drivers a message.  Dispatch operators can select a driver on the dashboard map and with the click of a button send a message to a delivery driver.  Running a a delivery company can be hectic and good communication can make the difference between a 1 hour delivery and a 2 hour delivery.  Your drivers will instantly receive the message through a push notification.

Send Messages to Your Delivery Drivers


Perhaps you want to send an entire team the same message, simply click on Group Messages from the main menu, then select the team and type in a message and your done.  This option makes it very easy to send a message to a lot of delivery drivers at once.

Delivery Software Built to Drastically Improve Communication In Your Delivery Business

You can track the delivery status of each group message and single message sent out by your dispatch operators through our Logs Manager.  The Zippykind Delivery Software is packed with helpful features that will drastically improve you delivery business’s communication and automate your entire delivery logistical process.