Discover Delivery History Trends with Zippykind’s Heatmap Analytics

Make more informed decisions on future marketing campaigns using Zippykind’s delivery history heatmap tool.

How can a Delivery History Heatmap Help my Marketing Team?

Let’s say your company ran a radio ad a couple weeks ago that targeted the north east side of town.  Everyone knows that when you run a marketing campaign whether it’s through Adwords, Television, Facebook, Youtube or radio, it’s important to know your ROI (return on investment).  Sometimes that can be very hard to track when you receive orders through multiple channels (i.e. over the phone, through your website, etc).   This is why Zippykind’s  heatmap feature can be such a blessing.  You can get a good overall view of which areas of town your driver’s have delivered to the most.

More congested areas of the map which result from delivery destinations closer together are represented with the color red and less congested areas are represented with the color green.  After running the radio we mentioned before, you can look back using the date range picker to see where the most deliveries occurred.  If you see that most of the deliveries occurred in the north east side of town, your probably going to be happy with the money you spent on that radio ad.  If the heatmap shows that your driver’s delivered mostly to the south side of town, then you probably need to rethink running another marketing campaign with the same radio company as mentioned before.

The heatmap feature is not designed to give you exact data, but rather an impression of where your driver’s are delivering too and with that impression, you can make more informed decisions about marketing campaigns in the future!