What is a dispatch operator?

A Zippykind dispatch operator  is someone who submits delivery tickets to delivery drivers within the Zippykind software.  A dispatch operator can see the GPS locations of the delivery drivers and receive notifications from the delivery driver when milestones are met during the delivery process such as when the driver is […]

What is a Delivery Ticket?

A delivery ticket is a delivery that has been created by a dispatch operator within the Zippykind dispatch software.  When you create a new delivery, we call it a ticket.  A ticket can be unassigned or assigned.  If a ticket is unassigned, it follows the settings you have set for […]

Create API Key

You can easily create a unique API key that will be safely stored.  You will be asked to log in again before you can generate a new API key.  Your account can only have 1 API key at a time.  For security reasons, we will not show you your API […]

Upload Tickets and Migrate To Zippykind

Are you interested in migrating from your current route delivery system to Zippykind?  We make it easy with our ‘Upload Tickets’ feature.  You can upload your formatted CSV file to our system and our system will insert the delivery tickets into our database.  You can upload your deliveries, products and […]

Delivery and Driver Reports

Make more educated decisions with delivery ticket and driver performance reports.  We aggregate data from the delivery tickets and your drivers into a line and column chart so that you can easily review past performance.  You can toggle between date ranges so that you can easily see past performance as well.

Delivery Ticket Auto Assignment

You can auto assign newly created delivery tickets to drivers automatically either one by one or to your entire fleet.  If you auto assign the delivery tickets to your entire fleet, the first driver to accept the delivery ticket will then remove notify dispatch that the ticket has been successfully […]

Create Custom Notification Templates

Using notification templates is a great way to streamline the communication process for your customers, drivers and back office staff.  You can create custom templates with tags that will be triggered when certain events happen.  Some of the events include a new ticket being created or an existing ticket being […]

Settings Page

From the settings page, you can control some global settings that are used throughout Zippykind’s delivery software.  Below are the settings we offer and a short description of each setting below. Send push notifications only to on-duty drivers: Drivers can set their status to on-duty or off-duty.  When you create a new […]

Product Management

You can add basic information such as price, name and product code to the ‘Products’ page which you can find from either the top or left column menu.  By adding your inventory products to the products page, you can more easily add products as order items while you are creating […]