Create Multiple Logins for One Zippykind Account

You can create multiple logins for your Zippykind account by creating Operator accounts within your admin account.  When you first sign up for a Zippykind account, your account role is that of an admin.  Which means you have the highest permissions and can access all of the Zippykind software. You […]

Automate Your Delivery Business Using Map Zones

Map Zones is known as Zippykind’s flagship feature.  Built to take all of the hassle out of delegating delivery duties to drivers by auto-assigning new deliveries to drivers.  Designed to be user friendly, map zones lets you draw territories on a map and assign those territories to delivery drivers.  When […]

Track Your Delivery Driver’s GPS Location

Ever want to track your delivery driver’s GPS location history but didn’t have the tools to do so?  Zippykind has built in a GPS location tracker to not only offer you real time tracking of your delivery driver’s current GPS location, but also a log of where they have been. […]

Delivery Software Demonstation

Watch our short 2 minute demonstration video below to see how to create a new delivery ticket. In the video you will see how a dispatch operator creates a delivery ticket that is sent to a delivery driver’s phone through our delivery driver app. Throughout the demonstration video you will […]

Fleet App

Successful courier companies need reliable delivery software for their fleet of drivers.  Zippykind offers a dispatch software for your back office staff and an Android and Apple app for your delivery drivers.  Most companies that use Zippykind have a few delivery vehicles and 5-20 delivery drivers.  Zippykind is used in […]

Delivery Driver App

Take control of your local delivery business with our delivery driver app available on the Google Play and Apple Store.  Our delivery driver app connects through our API to send status updates to dispatch operators using our Zippykind software.  Driver’s can send status updates during each step of the delivery […]

Shopify Local Delivery

Shopify is one of the largest ecommerce website builders in the world.  Many Shopify websites use the Shopify platform to sell products that get shipped through large couriers like UPS, USPS and FedEx to the customer; however, many Shopify sites sell products that deliver locally to their customers. How can Zippykind help automate […]