Overlook the Status of Push Notifications, Emails, SMS Messages and Calls Using Zippykind’s Logs Manager

View the Status of All Communications Between Your Delivery Drivers, Dispatch Operators and Customers

It’s important for a delivery business to have access to all the outgoing emails, SMS messages, calls and push notifications.  Using Zippykind’s Logs Manager, you can easily view all outgoing communications between dispatch operators, customers and delivery drivers.  Let’s say your customer calls one of your dispatch operators and tells your operator that he or she didn’t receive the SMS text message with the status update.  Your dispatch operator can go to the Logs manager and lookup the SMS message to see why the message failed.

Additionally, your dispatch operators can lookup the call duration and the date the call took place for every call made between your delivery drivers and customers.  All SMS messages, phone calls, emails and push notifications can be viewed in one easy to navigate Logs Manager.

Push Logs Using Zippykind's Logs Manager