Shopify API Integration With Zippykind

You can integrate your Shopify account with Zippykind’s API by using Zapier.  Zapier is an API platform that allows platforms to connect through each others API.  To integrate your Shopify store with Zippykind, you will first need to create an account at Zapier.  You can then create your first Zap which is basically a way to map your Shopify shopping cart fields with Zippykind’s delivery app.

Information such as customer name, delivery address, purchased products etc can be automatically sent from your Shopify account to your Zippykind account when a customer makes a purchase or cancels an order.  Below is a screenshot of a Zapier template.  Use the same fields as you see below to create your Zap.

As of right now, Zippykind’s Zapier app is a private app, so you will need to be invited to use our Zippykind app at Zapier to get started.  Simply contact us and we will send you an invite.  Click here to accept our invitation and connect your Shopify account to Zippykind using Zapier.

Zapier offers a free trial and Zippykind offers a free membership so you can do all of this for free.  Make sure your technology scales with your business by connecting your Shopify store to Zippykind’s Delivery Software.

Connect Your Local Shopify Delivery Store to Zippykind