Create Multiple Logins for One Zippykind Account

You can create multiple logins for your Zippykind account by creating Operator accounts within your admin account.  When you first sign up for a Zippykind account, your account role is that of an admin.  Which means you have the highest permissions and can access all of the Zippykind software.

You can create operator accounts for your office staff so that they can login and manage your Zippykind account.  Your operators can have their own login credentials.  Operator accounts don’t have all of the permissions that an admin account has.  An operator can’t see sensitive account information like your accounts payment history, invoice and membership information.  Additionally, they can’t make crucial account changes such as changing the notifications or changing your Zippkind account settings.

Please watch the demonstration video below to get a better understanding of how to create Operator accounts.