Settings Page

From the settings page, you can control some global settings that are used throughout Zippykind’s delivery software.  Below are the settings we offer and a short description of each setting below.

Send push notifications only to on-duty drivers:
Drivers can set their status to on-duty or off-duty.  When you create a new delivery ticket in the dispatch backend, your driver(s) will be notified via text, email and/or push notifications.  You can set this setting to on to send the notification to all of your drivers and not just the drivers who are on-duty.

Include offline drivers on map:
When you first log into your Zippykind dispatch backend account, you will see the dashboard page which has a large map with a left column and a right column. The large map will show using markers a view of where your drivers are located and where your delivery ticket destinations are.  If you set this setting to On, then all drivers despite their on-duty/off-duty status will be shown on the map.

Disable map auto refresh:
By default the map on the dashboard page will auto-refresh every 15 seconds to update the location of all the markers (drivers and delivery tickets). By turning this setting to Off, the map will no longer refresh every 15 seconds and will only refresh when you reload the page.  Setting this setting to Off can help speed up the software a little bit in the event the software is loading slowly for you.

Enable Notes:
Notes are shown in the ticket detail view of the drivers delivery app. So when a driver clicks on a delivery ticket and the ticket opens to show all the delivery details such as delivery address, order items and status, that’s where you can add notes.  It’s important to know that the notes can be shared with the customer.  So when the driver adds a note, the note can be sent to the customer as a text message for-which the customer can then text back which will show up in the same notes view of the drivers app.  This is a great way for the driver and customer to communicate autonomously.

Enable Signature:
A great way to verify to your customer and to your company that the delivery ticket was completed successfully is by using signature verification.  You can have your customer sign for the delivery using the drivers phone screen as the signature pad, the signature will be saved to the delivery ticket along with the drivers coordinates.  Building a strong chain of accountability is an important part of delivery process.  That’s why our software logs the coordinates of the drivers location each step of the way.

Enable add photo/take picture:
Enabling this setting will let your drivers upload photos to the delivery tickets which can be a really helpful feature to show proof of delivery.

Device Vibration:
When your driver receives a push notification about a status change or a new ticket being created, the drivers phone will vibrate. With this setting you can control how long the phone will vibrate for or you can turn it off entirely.

Default Map Country:
You can change the default view the dashboard map is zoomed in on.

Map Style:
Using Snazzymaps, you can control the look of your map.  You can build a style template from the Snazzymaps website and then copy and paste the code in the map style textarea in Zippykind.  You can change the colors of the map, transit options and the way the terrain is displayed.