Overlook the Status of Push Notifications, Emails, SMS Messages and Calls Using Zippykind’s Logs Manager

View the Status of All Communications Between Your Delivery Drivers, Dispatch Operators and Customers It’s important for a delivery business to have access to all the outgoing emails, SMS messages, calls and push notifications.  Using Zippykind’s Logs Manager, you can easily view all outgoing communications between dispatch operators, customers and […]

Send Your Delivery Drivers Instant Messages

Send an Instant Message to a Delivery Driver Every delivery business needs a delivery software that caters to the needs of the delivery business.  With that, requires tools that allows seamless communication between dispatch operators, drivers and customers.   Using our notifications manager, you can autonomously send your customers notifications with […]

Drone Delivery Software Has Some Issues to Overcome

Future of Drone Delivery The prospect of drone delivery is nothing new and has made headlines with companies like Domino’s delivering the first drone delivered pizza, but are drone deliveries economically feasible and practical? Lots of concerns have circled the drone delivery market including: safety, air space, security and reliability. […]

What are WebHooks and How to Use Them?

WebHooks are HTTP requests that occur when an event changes within the Zippykind driver’s application.  So let’s say you want your Zippykind account to notify your application or website when your driver marks the delivery ticket ‘successful’, you can easily accomplish this by setting up WebHooks. A common scenario for […]

Shopify Local Delivery Stores Easily Connect to Zippykind’s Delivery Software to Instantly Dispatch New Delivery Orders Totally Hands-Free

Shopify operates one of the largest ecommerce platforms on the internet.  They make setting up your inventory of products to providing checkout payment solutions a breeze.  If you currently own a Shopify store and your store deliveries products and or services to your end consumers, then you should read on. […]