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How Our Delivery Software Works
Your Store Receives An Order
Your Store Receives an Order
Store Assigns Delivery to Driver
Store Assigns Delivery to Driver
Driver Receives Delivery & Updates Store & Customer
Driver Receives Delivery
Driver Delivers Package To Customer
Driver Delivers Package to Customer
Manage Your Delivery Business With Ease
Zippykind's delivery software has automated many of the processes and logistics you would normally have to do by hand. Your online orders can be automatically sent to your delivery drivers by using our easy to integrate API. Assign your drivers to delivery territories or assign delivery fees to zones around town and let Zippykind take care of the rest. Zippykind offers the flexibility to customize and automate your entire delivery business. Compare our automation features to other delivery software companies to see how powerful the Zippykind platform is.
See how Zippykind looks through the eyes of a customer, driver and staff!
Customer Tracks Delivery Driver
Customer View
Driver Uses Driver's Application to Delivery Product
Driver View
Dispatch Operators Track Delivery Drivers
Backend Dispatch View
Optimize Delivery Routes
Optimize Routes
Whether you’re on foot, on a bicycle, taking the transit or driving, Zippykind's route optimization can find the best route between delivery destinations.
Automate Dispatch
Automate Dispatch
Avoid sending delivery tickets one by one, use our auto-assign feature to assign newly created tickets to the driver closest to the destination or to the driver who firsts accepts the delivery ticket.
Real Time Tracking and Alerts
Real Time Tracking and Alerts
Your office staff can use our dispatch delivery software to take orders over the phone and send the delivery details to the delivery drivers while tracking the driver’s locations through our interactive dashboard map.
Digital Proof of Delivery
Digital Proof of Delivery
Drivers can now show proof of delivery by adding photos and signature verification to the delivery ticket which also logs the drivers GPS coordinates.
Spending Rewards Program
Spending Rewards Program
Track customer spending and our system will categorize your customers into different tier levels using our spending rewards program based on their monthly spending.
Customer-to-Driver Delivery Tracking
"Uber-like" Customer-to-Driver Tracking
Offer your customers an "Uber-like" experience. When your driver is in-route to the delivery destination, your customer will get a SMS text message or an email with a tracking page that will show the drivers ETA, GPS position and a Call and Text Message button.
Autonomous Delivery Communication
Autonomous Communication
Autonomously send email and SMS status update notifications and protect your driver's phone numbers by using a virtual dedicated number so that all inbound and outbound calls and text messages are routed through your company’s dedicated virtual phone number.
Connect to Zippykind's API
Connect To Our API
Using our API, you can connect your Zippykind account to hundreds of different API's such as Shopify, Quickbooks, Bigcommerce, Salesforce and more. Automate your delivery ticket creation process by sending delivery ticket requests through our API.
Spending Autonmous Driver Assignment
Autonomous Driver Assignment
Save tons of time by letting our advanced map zones algorithm do all the work. Setup your map zones once and never again worry about which driver should receive the delivery. Our map zones feature uses the drivers' proximity to the delivery destination and the availability of the driver to make a match.
Drag and Drop Scheduler
Drag and Drop Scheduler
Easily schedule new deliveries through our drag and drop scheduler. View each driver's availability and team schedule through a day, two day, list, week and moth view. This makes rescheduling a breeze and gives your dispatch operators a clear overall view of your company's schedule.
Recurring Subscriptions
Recurring Subscriptions
Setup recurring subscriptions for your customers who order from you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Our multi-order subscriptions feature lets you setup subscriptions for multiple orders for the same customer which can run concurrently.
Delivery Software Enhanced Analytics
Enhanced Analytics
Make more informed decisions using our heatmap, driver and team delivery analytics. Easily detect past geo delivery trends and discover which drivers have good or bad delivery performance.
Meet Our Zippykind Delivery App
Customer Communication
Drivers and customers can communicate using our app and through text messages!
Customer Loyalty
Keep your customers coming back by rewarding loyal customers!
Delivery Verification
Confirm every delivery with a customer signature and gps logging!
Optimize Routes
Find the shortest distance between stops using route optimization!
Delivery Calendar
Easily browse through past and future deliveries!
Delivery Sorting
Sort deliveries based on time of delivery and shortest distance!
Driver Tracking
Customers receive automatic updates on their delivery drivers progress and can view their drivers ETA through a brandable tracking page!
Delivery Notes
Drivers can add notes to delivery tickets and can send text messages to customers!

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